The iTV middleware.
TransitionInfo Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 TransitionInfo (const string &, const string &, Time, gdouble, gdouble, const string &, Color, guint32, guint32, guint32, Color)
string getType ()
string getSubType ()
Time getDur ()
gdouble getStartProgress ()
gdouble getEndProgress ()
string getDirection ()
Color getFadeColor ()
guint32 getHorzRepeat ()
guint32 getVertRepeat ()
guint32 getBorderWidth ()
Color getBorderColor ()

Private Attributes

string _type
string _subtype
Time _dur
gdouble _startProgress
gdouble _endProgress
string _direction
Color _fadeColor
guint32 _horzRepeat
guint32 _vertRepeat
guint32 _borderWidth
Color _borderColor

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