Here you can find some of the tools developed in TeleMídia.

Cacuriá is an easy-to-use authoring tool for hypervideo learning objects.
Ginga is the Brazilian standard middleware for interactive digital TV and an ITU-T recommendation for IPTV systems.
Ginga Test Suite is the official ITU-T test suite for Ginga.
ISB Designer is an authoring tool for the early stages of drafting multimedia applications.
LibPlay is a sane multimedia library.
Nested Context Language
NCL Club
NCL Composer is a flexible authoring tools for NCL.
NCL Eclipse is an Eclipse-based plug-in bringing many programmer-friendly features for NCL programmers.
NCL Validation Service is an online service for validating NCL documents.
Nested Context Model
Template Authoring Language is an authoring language for hypermedia document templates.
TeleMídia Multiplexer is an MPEG-2 transport stream multiplexer provider.