The iTV middleware.
Context Member List

This is the complete list of members for Context, including all inherited members.

_aliases (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_children (defined in Composition)Compositionprotected
_delayed (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_doc (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_events (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_id (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_lambda (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_parent (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_properties (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_time (defined in Object)Objectprotected
addAlias(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
addAttributionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
addChild(Object *) (defined in Composition)Composition
addDelayedAction(Event *, Event::Transition, const string &value="", Time delay=0) (defined in Object)Object
addLink(list< Action >, list< Action >) (defined in Context)Context
addPort(Event *) (defined in Context)Context
addPresentationEvent(const string &, Time, Time) (defined in Object)Object
addPresentationEvent(const string &, const string &) (defined in Object)Object
addSelectionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
afterTransition(Event *, Event::Transition) overrideContextvirtual
beforeTransition(Event *, Event::Transition) overrideContextvirtual
Composition(const string &) (defined in Composition)Composition
Context(const string &) (defined in Context)Context
decAwakeChildren() (defined in Context)Context
doStart() (defined in Object)Objectprotectedvirtual
doStop() (defined in Object)Objectprotectedvirtual
getAliases() (defined in Object)Object
getAttributionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getChildById(const string &) (defined in Composition)Composition
getChildByIdOrAlias(const string &) (defined in Composition)Composition
getChildren() (defined in Composition)Composition
getDelayedActions() (defined in Object)Object
getDocument() (defined in Object)Object
getEvent(Event::Type, const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getEvents() (defined in Object)Object
getId() (defined in Object)Object
getLambda() (defined in Object)Object
getLinks() (defined in Context)Context
getLinksStatus() (defined in Context)Context
getObjectTypeAsString() override (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
getParent() (defined in Object)Object
getPorts() (defined in Context)Context
getPresentationEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getPresentationEventByLabel(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getProperty(const string &) override (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
getSelectionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
hasAlias(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
incAwakeChildren() (defined in Context)Context
initDocument(Document *) (defined in Object)Object
initParent(Composition *) (defined in Object)Object
isOccurring() (defined in Object)Object
isPaused() (defined in Object)Object
isSleeping() (defined in Object)Object
Object(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
sendKey(const string &, bool) override (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
sendTick(Time, Time, Time) override (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
setLinksStatus(bool) (defined in Context)Context
setProperty(const string &, const string &, Time dur=0) override (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
toString() override (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
~Composition()=0 (defined in Composition)Compositionpure virtual
~Context() (defined in Context)Contextvirtual
~Object() (defined in Object)Objectvirtual