The iTV middleware.
MediaSettings Member List

This is the complete list of members for MediaSettings, including all inherited members.

_aliases (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_delayed (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_doc (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_events (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_hasNextFocus (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsprivate
_id (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_lambda (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_nextFocus (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsprivate
_parent (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_player (defined in Media)Mediaprotected
_properties (defined in Object)Objectprotected
_time (defined in Object)Objectprotected
addAlias(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
addAttributionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
addDelayedAction(Event *, Event::Transition, const string &value="", Time delay=0) (defined in Object)Object
addPresentationEvent(const string &, Time, Time) (defined in Object)Object
addPresentationEvent(const string &, const string &) (defined in Object)Object
addSelectionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
afterTransition(Event *, Event::Transition) overrideMediavirtual
beforeTransition(Event *, Event::Transition) overrideMediavirtual
doStart() (defined in Object)Objectprotectedvirtual
doStop() override (defined in Media)Mediaprotectedvirtual
getAliases() (defined in Object)Object
getAttributionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getDelayedActions() (defined in Object)Object
getDocument() (defined in Object)Object
getEvent(Event::Type, const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getEvents() (defined in Object)Object
getId() (defined in Object)Object
getLambda() (defined in Object)Object
getObjectTypeAsString() override (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsvirtual
getParent() (defined in Object)Object
getPresentationEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getPresentationEventByLabel(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getProperty(const string &) (defined in Object)Objectvirtual
getSelectionEvent(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
getZ(int *, int *) override (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsvirtual
hasAlias(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
initDocument(Document *) (defined in Object)Object
initParent(Composition *) (defined in Object)Object
isFocused() override (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsvirtual
isOccurring() (defined in Object)Object
isPaused() (defined in Object)Object
isSleeping() (defined in Object)Object
Media(const string &) (defined in Media)Media
MediaSettings(const string &) (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettings
Object(const string &) (defined in Object)Object
redraw(cairo_t *) override (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsvirtual
scheduleFocusUpdate(const string &) (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettings
sendKey(const string &, bool) override (defined in Media)Mediavirtual
sendTick(Time, Time, Time) override (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsvirtual
setProperty(const string &, const string &, Time) override (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettingsvirtual
toString() override (defined in Media)Mediavirtual
updateCurrentFocus(const string &) (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettings
~Media() (defined in Media)Mediavirtual
~MediaSettings() (defined in MediaSettings)MediaSettings
~Object() (defined in Object)Objectvirtual