The iTV middleware.
MediaSettings Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 MediaSettings (const string &)
string getObjectTypeAsString () override
void setProperty (const string &, const string &, Time) override
void sendTick (Time, Time, Time) override
bool isFocused () override
bool getZ (int *, int *) override
void redraw (cairo_t *) override
void updateCurrentFocus (const string &)
void scheduleFocusUpdate (const string &)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Media
 Media (const string &)
string toString () override
void sendKey (const string &, bool) override
bool beforeTransition (Event *, Event::Transition) override
 Initiates event transition. More...
bool afterTransition (Event *, Event::Transition) override
 Finishes event transition. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Object
 Object (const string &)
string getId ()
DocumentgetDocument ()
void initDocument (Document *)
CompositiongetParent ()
void initParent (Composition *)
const list< string > * getAliases ()
bool hasAlias (const string &)
void addAlias (const string &)
const set< Event * > * getEvents ()
EventgetEvent (Event::Type, const string &)
EventgetAttributionEvent (const string &)
void addAttributionEvent (const string &)
EventgetPresentationEvent (const string &)
EventgetPresentationEventByLabel (const string &)
void addPresentationEvent (const string &, Time, Time)
void addPresentationEvent (const string &, const string &)
EventgetSelectionEvent (const string &)
void addSelectionEvent (const string &)
EventgetLambda ()
bool isOccurring ()
bool isPaused ()
bool isSleeping ()
virtual string getProperty (const string &)
const list< pair< Action, Time > > * getDelayedActions ()
void addDelayedAction (Event *, Event::Transition, const string &value="", Time delay=0)

Private Attributes

string _nextFocus
bool _hasNextFocus

Additional Inherited Members

- Protected Member Functions inherited from Media
void doStop () override
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Object
virtual void doStart ()
- Protected Attributes inherited from Media
- Protected Attributes inherited from Object
string _id
list< string > _aliases
Time _time
map< string, string > _properties
set< Event * > _events
list< pair< Action, Time > > _delayed

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